Mr. Amal Roy - Drums

Amal Roy, born on the 14th September 1956, at Konnagar in West Bengal. He was interested in music from his childhood, and by the time he got to high school he was already a budding drummer. He started his professional career as a musician in a night club in calcutta "Trincas". He had a style all his own and soon went on to becoming one of the most sought after drummers in the industry. He joined usha uthup and travelled extensively with her all over india and abroad. He has played with some of the best musicians in india and for some of the best music directors as well. Has had a successful recording career in all the best studios. Recording for television/films/commercials/music albums/ concerts/ night clubs/ and numerous stage appearances. He is one of the first musicians to have moved with the times, and kept abreast of electronics in music.

Mr. Benu Chatterjee - Lead Guitar

Benu Chatterjee, born on 3rd December, 1959 at Calcutta, West Bengal loved music from his school days learned guitar at age of eight. He also had a facination to play drums but later in life found that guitar was his passion and went on to become a professional. At the age of eighteen started playing for the music industry in calcutta and regularly played for films and albums of very well known producers and singers. in the year 1994 he joined Usha Uthup as her guitarist and has been playing ever since. He has accompanied her all over indiaand extensively abroad too. He still continues to be a very busy musician in the music industry of calcutta (for movies, television, radio, commercials, night clubs and concerts) and remains as a member of "The Sound" which is Usha Uthup's band.


Mr. Raja Narayan Deb - Keyboardist

Raja Narayan Deb, born 12th August 1976, plays the electronic synthesizer/keyboards. He started playing at a very early age, taking training from his father, a very reputed keyboard player himself a very well known and respected musician in the Kolkata professional music circuit. As a youngster he has also performed solo on stage. He has represented his school and college in most of the music competitions in Kolkata. Straight after graduating he turned professional, and started playing with both Western and Indian bands, mainly in the Bangla circuit. His style includes a wide range,from pure western rock to the blues, across to Latino,and also Bangla. The bands he has played with and for include "Krosswindz" "The Saturday Night Blues Band" "The Orient Express" and also the well known bangia band "Parashpathar". He is a regular and wanted musician in the Kolkata recording circles, having done numerous jingles/commercials/television serials/film recordings/music albums/etc. He has performed with Usha Uthup for the past two years, and has performed in all the major cities in india. Now he looks forward to touring with Usha Uthup and the rest of her musicians in the USA and else where abroad.


Mr. Nepal Chandra Shaw - Bass Guitar

Nepal Chandra Shaw, a keyboardist, started learning music in the year 1972 under the dedicated and practised hands of Anish Rozario. He learnt the basics and continued practising for three years, after which he started learning under Mr. Parimal Dasgupta for another four years on western profile music. He was bestowed the opportunity to learn under the guidance of Mr. Karlton Kitto for three years and learnt the jazz profile of music. Lately Mr. Josheph, the talented student of Mr George Benson blessed him with a further learning of the jazz music. He started his career as a guitarist in the year 1978. He has played and performed with legendary singers like Manna Dey, Asha Bhonsle, Hemanta Mukherjee, Lata Mangashkar, Usha Uthup, Hariharan, and many more. He has recorded several new songs with eminent music directors like Late R. D. Burman, Late Salil Chowdhury, Bappi Lahiri, V. Balsara, Hemanta Mukherjee, Y.S Mulki, Ravindra Jain and many more. Visited USA in the year of 2001 and performed with Amit Kumar 2004 with Runa Laila, Shreya Ghosal during Banga Sommelan 2006 with Manomoy Bhattacharya 2009 in Banga Sammelan 2010 with Usha Uthup.

Ms. Sandra Ashing - Manager